Monday, September 13, 2010

I Just Have To Say;

Plastic can liners helped eliminate botulism, but what about BPA?

I check my 'end of times' emergency food supply. 9/13/10

Last year, the nonprofit Consumers Union found BPA in 18 of 19 canned foods it tested: Progresso Vegetable Soup topped the list with 22 micrograms of BPA per serving—115 times Consumers Union's recommended daily limit, which is based on animal studies.

Wouldn't you know it? My budget takes a big hit in September and March, and this September is no exception.

I have enough
canned and packaged goods to last for 2 or 3 weeks in case of earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, (or republicans stealing my social security), so I decided to eat some of my 'emergency' food this month, to save my disposable income for gas.

Last week, Sandi helped me inventory the contents of my cupboards and dispose of those items that were a couple of years passed their expiration date.

I still have
a few fresh fruit and vegetable items in my refrigerator to eat for the next day or two, then it will be time to use that can opener that has been sitting idle on the counter, since 2007.

A daisy I saw in Dorothy's garden today. 9/13/10

I happened to read an article today about BPA, (bis-phenol A). It seems that 115 times the allowable amount of BPA is in the Progresso soups I have in my emergency food supply. (At least they aren't passed their expiration dates.)

Progresso Vegetable Soup22.0115
Del Monte Blue Lake Fresh Cut Green Beans14.977
Campbell's Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup10.253
Annie's Home Grown Organic Cheesy Ravioli7.7039
Hormel Chili with Beans6.1031
Green Giant Whole Kernel Sweet Corn3.8019
Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli in Tomato Meat Sauce2.5012

Well now, that is a lot of what I have in my disaster food kit. What a disaster!

Improbable Combinations
Lilly's grow in dry planter outside the Treehouse office. 9/13/10

I read a column in the New York Times by Dick Cavett, (HERE), that was centered around the mathematical odds that any one of us individuals came into existence.

The slightest difference in the behavior of any one of my millions of ancestors, or a different, faster, sperm out of the billions that swam to who knows how many eggs, and there would be no me.

Since there is a "me", I guess the speculation and mathematical formulas are moot, but it does give one something to think about.

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