Sunday, September 26, 2010

Falling Together

Saturday's Compilation

Colorful September rose. 9/24/10

I had a feeling
that this yellow rose was going to turn out special. I almost missed it but it lit up in the corner of my vision as I was walking along the sidewalk and I had to stop to investigate. The rose was in the late afternoon shadows, but the muted light seemed to enhance the soft vibrancy of it's yellowness.

Cheerful Dinner Entree

Cheese tortellini from a steam pouch. 9/24/10

The tortellini
was okay.  You may recall my less than glowing review of the steam bag shrimp scampi last week where I wrote that I would not be getting that again. Well, the tortellini was surprisingly tasty, (it certainly looks bright and cheerful). I will probably get another steam bag of this.

Wind Power In Sight

Turbines on the ridge. 9/24/10

It was a
clear day, so I took another few pictures of Hatchet Ridge. One of these months I will have to take a ride out to see the turbines up a little closer, and at the same time get some pictures of Burney falls.

Return To French Gulch

The band at the French Gulch Hotel. (photo - Dana Brooks) 9/25/10

We had
a great time playing at the French Gulch Hotel. It is always a treat when we use our own equipment. The sound is just the way we like it.

Jeff's wife
took some pictures and video, and I did some recording with the computer. We will see how it all turns out. For now, here are a couple of pictures and a short video clip.

John and I playing something in the key of A. (photo - Dana Brooks) 9/25/10

For more
of the pictures from this night, and other recent events you can go HERE.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

So Strange - The Phil Seymour Band
Life Is Great

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