Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Moon

Nearly Full

From my balcony. Monday, 9/20/10 7:15p

Each of
the past few evenings have been an entertaining celestial exposition no matter which of the cardinal points one chooses to face. The moonrise has been from behind Mount Lassen, so that makes for some spectacular imagery. Jupiter has been accompanying the moon and, if you use binoculars, Uranus can be seen next to Jupiter.


From my balcony. Monday 9/20/10 7:05p

Tonight, Tuesday, was cloudy over Lassen, but the moon, once above the clouds, is strikingly sharp and clear to the naked eye. It is really covered in detail when I look through binoculars. It sure is showing up clear and cratered in the images from the camera.

The big show, the Autumnal Equinox, is on Wednesday, and our forecast here in Redding is clear skies. I will be rehearsing with the band when the moon and Jupiter are rising over Lassen at sunset, but maybe I can interest them in seeking out a good vantage point to watch the show on the western horizon for 15 or 20 minutes.


From the Treehouse parking lot. Tuesday 9/21/10 7:03p
I have been getting some great images of this September moon. The details and moods are readily captured by the Lumix TZ1, and I am delighted each time I examine the latest batch of images with the iPhoto application on this Macbook.


This squirrel lives here too. 9/21/10

Natural Food

My 4 pm snack. 9/21/10

There is something that has been happening to me around 4 pm, the last few months. I get weak, shaky, feverish, and faint. Like clockwork.

I have made attempts to determine the cause. It could be because I forget to eat, or the tramadol is wearing off, or lack of sleep, or too much sleep, too much sun, or none of the above.

I do know that if I eat something soothing like yogurt or ice cream and fruit, I return to my normal state of being within a few minutes. It keeps things interesting, and I do enjoy the snacks, so maybe it's just a 'Pavlovian' type trigger designed to lead me to the refrigerator.

Tuesday West

The view to the west is terrific too. 9/21/10

Here I am at the start, (relatively speaking), of another beautiful day. It's ten past one and my day has begun.

I would have
posted this installment last night, but the high speed internet slowed to a stop just before midnight, and when it came up again around 1 am it was slower than dial up. I have been looking for the reason, or even a tweet about this, but haven't found out why, yet.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Two Cats Talking

Creature Comforts

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