Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes My World Looks

Like This

Once again, the moon marches across my view from the balcony. It seems to look like this every 29 and a half days. On the 23rd, when it gets full, it will be the "Full Corn Moon". In addition, that marks the the Autumnal Equinox.

I am reading The Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke. I have read his books before and for some reason, when his characters go out to eat Cajun food in Louisiana, I can actually smell the spices of the restaurants where I have enjoyed the unique flavors of the region. I have had Cajun food in other places across the country, but there is an unforgettable olfactory atmosphere that accompanies the food along the swamps, canals, rivers, and bayou's, that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. What a treat to have that memory visit my senses while reading this story set in the steamy south.

I have been staying close to home for the past few days, but there is no shortage of subjects that grab my photographic attention.

Every which way I look, there is something of interest that begs to be drawn into the Lumix TZ1.

The band plays tomorrow, Thursday, at 8p, for a Shasta Blues Society event. We rehearsed the show earlier this evening and I think everyone should have an enjoyable time during our performance. I will try to get some pictures, video, and maybe even audio to share with you.

This little plant with the fuzzballs was really tiny. I used the macro setting and got very close for this image.

This morning glory looked so colorful against the shadows and rocks. I am glad it turned out like it looked at the time.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song is the one in your own heart when you listen to yourself breathe to the rhythms of the natural world.
Life Is Good

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