Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Monday

Laying Down Tracks

One track at a time. This would be me adding the bass part. 9/6/10

I am playing around with a recording project to test out some new ideas, and to dust off my playing skills on the keyboard and other instruments. It is a lot of fun, and I feel fortunate to be able to do so many delightful things with music. It's good for my soul.

Argonaut Octopus

Only the females do this fan dance.

Even as far back
as Aristotle, these creatures fascinated people with their paper thin shell. They have been compared to the Nautilus because their neutral buoyancy makes them look similar when swimming. It turns out that it's because they both use trapped air to 'float' under water.

Tiny Housemate

Dust mite. So that's what they look like!

I was looking
at site with photo-electron microscopic images of various tiny things, and found this picture of a dust mite. I wonder how well I will sleep tonight knowing there are probably millions of these things in my bedding.


Tasty way to start the day. 9/6/10

I am enjoying fresh organic fruit while it's still in season. Blueberries have almost run their course, but strawberries still have a couple of weeks of competitive pricing.

The organic cereal stays about the same price year round, so one can plan that expense when making the budget.

There is a possible problem ahead for the organic integrity of the staff of life, wheat.

It seems that scientists have finally unlocked the DNA secrets of wheat, and are now able to genetically modify the last grain that was safe to eat. I don't buy cereal made with corn, even if it says it's organic, because 95% of the corn grown is grown from Monsanto 'Frankenseeds'. It doesn't matter if the box of corn flakes says it's organic, people from Monsanto have been part of the USDA, and have certified Frankencorn as being organic....roundup ready organic? I don't buy it.

So now
, Monsanto will be infecting the worlds wheat crop and we will have another staple teetering on the edge of collapse like soy beans and corn, with questionable nutritional balance for good health. Ah well, we live in interesting times.

Lassen This Evening

The snow is nearly gone, but it still looks great from the Treehouse Apts. 9/6/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

From Thy Bounty

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