Friday, November 4, 2011

Changing Time Measuring Devices

Back One Hour

Once again we are asked to set our clocks back after setting them forward just about 6 months ago.

It should actually be just one of the items on the list to do this time of the year. There is also the matter of changing the batteries in smoke alarms, taking down the screens, putting up the storm windows, changing the furnace filters, sweeping the chimney, and replacing at least one incandescent light bulb with a CFL.

Tomorrow is November 5. During the day, I will be putting together the playlist for the Phil Seymour Band. We play Saturday evening at a fund raiser for the Shasta Blues Society at Lulu’s, here in Redding. I plan to set the clocks when I go to bed.

On Sunday I would be in Washinton DC, for the Tar Sands Action. Instead, I will be there in spirit, supporting the thousands of people who will be surrounding the Whitehouse to encourage President Obama to do the right thing regarding the proposed Keystone pipeline across Americas heartland, down to Texas and the Gulf. The pipeline will carry tar sands oil from Canada, to be refined in Texas and shipped off to China. It is a very bad idea which will ultimately damage our cropland and the Ogalala aquifer.

The president has the authority to say no to this ill advised venture.

It will be a defining moment in Barrak Obama’s presidency. Does he represent the American people, or is he owned and operated by the 1%, like the Republicans and the ‘blue dog’
democrats? We shall see.

The 49ers will be playing the Washington Redskins on Sunday. It will be a big day for the nations capitol. San Francisco has been making an impressive showing on the gridiron this season. They haven’t looked this good since Joe Montana.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;
(This song of mine works 2 twice a year.)

 Time Change Blues by Phil Seymour

Be Kind To Mother Earth

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