Monday, November 28, 2011

Dry Components

Make Better Connections

Today, the Buick started every time I turned the key. This is primarily because it hasn’t rained, and the moisture that was causing a disruption of the electron flow inside the computer relay box, just beneath the windshield wipers, has evaporated.

This gave me the opportunity to return to Lake Shasta and take some pictures of Mount Shasta in the sunlight. It was a beautiful, sunny, 70° at the Lake.

It was another good day for pictures. It was also a good day to go to the library. I had received an e-mail that said I should renew my library card so I went there and asked the librarian to do so.

While I was talking to her I suggested that they make a program in their computer that would remind me if I had checked out a book already.

The librarian said she didn’t know about a program like that but that they did have a program that would allow me to access a list of the books I have checked out, even from my home computer. I could then print up that list and take it with me and compare the books that I am checking out, against that list.

I told her, “fine sign me up for the list”, but I really would prefer a little voice, or speech balloon, or something, that would come up on the computer screen at the library, that would say, “Hey, you checked this book out six months ago, do you really want to check it out again?”

Fall is still in full swing around the Treehouse and the colors are brilliant. I had a chance to take pictures of a few flowers and trees before the Monday afternoon song fest.

We recorded some new tunes, but I haven’t listened to the tracks yet. If there is a good rendition of something, when I do listen, I will put together a mix to share with you.

The flowers along the driveway gave me some real outstanding colors. Particularly one red rose that kept my attention through several post production treatments.

I also had a lot of fun with one of the pink beauties growing along the driveway.

I hope you enjoyed today’s pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them, (and playing with the images later). There are so many good things in life that bring me joy and happiness, that I feel blessed and grateful on a daily basis. Life is good.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Applied String Theory

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