Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Turkey Sandwich

Makes It Official

Ready or not, the season is upon us. I had my first turkey sandwich of leftovers from Thanksgiving and it is going to be turkeys and pumpkin pies for the next month, or so. I like it.

The recent rains have left the mountains with fresh coats of snow.I took this picture of Lassen from the driveway while my neighbor, Charlie, helped me jumpstart the Buick.

The rainy weather finds its way into the computer relay box underneath the windshield wipers. This causes some sort of short that drains the battery. I will have to look into that soon, but it only happens when it rains three or four days in a row, so I keep forgetting  about it when the sun is shining.

Today’s flowers gave me even more variety of color, depth of shadow, and variety of light than the day before. How delightful.

After we got the car started, I took a little trip up to the dam to see how Mt. Shasta looked today.

As if to provide a theme for this day, when I got to the dam to take pictures, I discovered that the battery on my camera was running low and I was only able to get two pictures. Mount Shasta was obscured by mist, fog, and light clouds to make it a hazy, ghostly, looming, white giant. With a little help in post production, I think I have captured some of that image.

Tomorrow, I’ll try out a couple of new tunes with Peggy at the Treehouse Monday music fest. Some of these songs I have done on guitar when playing with the LMP Trio.
I found that I can go back to the songs that we’ve recorded and listen to Leona playing alto sax on songs I’m not too familiar with singing, and I can get a pretty good idea on how I will do the vocal. Thank you Leona.

I am still looking for the perfect way to show the red in some of the roses that I take pictures of. Changing the background to blue seems to direct the eye into the folds of this rose where it’s really deep red in color.

I have just about consumed all the food that people have given me this Thanksgiving, and I expect that all across the country, people are enjoying turkey soup, turkey tetrazzini, Turkey cacciatore, and of course, turkey sandwiches.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Bon Appetit

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