Saturday, November 19, 2011

How Can This Be?

In The Jungles Of Burney

Burney Falls On Wednesday

Wednesday, I went up to Burney Falls with my neighbor Linda. It was beautiful, and it was the last chance to go before the the winter snow would make the road unpredictable.

You may recognize Burney Falls from the Tarzan movies. Johnny Weismueller, as Tarzan, dove off Burney Falls for one of the authentic jungle settings in the films.

The falls were also used for a Coors beer commercial advertising Rocky Mountain fresh spring water. Of course, the falls are in California and the Rocky Mountains are elsewhere, but advertising doesn’t need to be truthful, it just needs to sell beer.

Wind Turbines on Hatchet Ridge, today.

We also stopped on Hachet Ridge and saw the wind turbines. We both took lots of video and pictures. I’m combining them into a really fun video which will be probably be the relatively appropriate song of the day, tomorrow, or the next day.(Maybe next week)

Nature photographer Phil (photo - Linda Elliot)

The timing was perfect. It was the last day without snow on the ridge probably until April.

On the way back, we stopped at Troxells’ Big Red Orchard in Montgomery Creek, where my neighbor purchased some King David apples which she turned into a delicious apple pastry.

Apple Dapple

Meanwhile, Here At The Treehouse;

Thursday rose

Thursday we had a potluck which was also the Thanksgiving dinner. At least it is the first Thanksgiving dinner. We will have another one on Thanksgiving for those people that have nowhere else to go.

It was a lot of fun and a lot of food. My neighbor, Peggy Richardson and I played music for the hungry residents.

Doris cavorts behind picture taking Dottie

Friday rose

Afternoon view of Mt. Lassen, Saturday.

This has been a week filled with fun travels, happy music, beautiful sightseeing sights, seasonal food and a great glorious variety of North-state weather.

Speaking of music, there is a new album out, (or CD), by Doris Day.

She is 88, and her talent still shines brightly in her voice. I have always liked the way she tags each line with her signature vibrato.

Today’s relatively appropriate song is from her new CD, and is my favorite cut on it.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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