Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Serving Of Happiness

Is Very Satisfying

The trees that shield my balcony, (It’s behind the trees), have shed their blossoms, and filled in the spaces with green leaves that shake and rattle when the wind blows. They help protect the balcony from the blistering, relentless, Redding summer sun.

This falcon, (at least I think it’s a falcon), was on a fast and perfectly straight glide path along the roofline of “A” building while I was out taking pictures of Dorothy’s colorful garden. It seemed perfectly adapted for high speed hits on whatever prey it had in it’s sights. I don’t think it goes hungry very often.

Today was the Treehouse Monday Jamboree.

Photo credit - Margaret Miller

The piano is now on this side of the room. I spent a couple of hours experimenting with different ways to set up my equipment. The final arrangement has my back turned to Peggy when I am singing, and my back turned to the jamboree-ers when I look at Peggy.

It’s different, but still a lot of fun. It makes me happy to be part of all the smiling faces at the Monday Jamboree.

These yellow flowers are among the varieties of decorative foliage that brighten up the chain link fence on the north east backside of “A” building.

This wild canary was kind enough to pose for several stills, just outside the Treehouse mailroom. I couldn’t resist making this little gif.

Is it true that this flag can be seen from space?

The freshly washed Buick is dwarfed by the giant flag and pole on north Bechelli.

I got the car washed for two reasons. One, because it was dirty, and secondly, I thought it would be fun to film a timelapse of the ride through the Tunnel Of Clean.

Today’s Clean Video;

A Clean Machine

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