Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Or, Some Past And Present Perusal

Hot Apple Pie

After two weeks of trying alternatives, Trader Joe’s apple pie is once again my dessert staple. The substitutions, that I tried, contained chemical compounds, listed as ‘sugars’ on the labels. I couldn’t understand why one piece of cake, or one muffin didn’t seem like enough, until I read about how these sweeteners negatively affect brain chemistry.

Real food, such as TJ’s apple pie and ice cream, leaves me satisfied after a small portion.

Gazing At The Moon

The Moon, Thursday

On St. Patricks day, about 30, or 40 min after sunset, Jupiter and the Moon will be appearing together in the western sky. Story with more information.

Egg sitting

Off the beaten path, on the bank of the Sacramento river in Caldwell park, I spied a pair of geese who appeared to be taking turns sitting on a clutch(?) of eggs. I took many pictures, and some video, from a distance that would not disturb them.

Goose through spiderweb

More Roses Are Blooming

Colors of many hues are all around.

The trees, the bushes, and on the ground.

Life Is Good

Today’s Video Presentation;

Le papier ne sera jamais mort / Paper is not dead on ! from INfluencia on">Vimeo
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