Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Catalina Eddy

Great Name

But it’s not a pool player or rock star. It’s a weather pattern.

This satellite image shows the source of the “June Gloom” that visits the sunny, southern California beaches every summer. Here is more from the CIMSS satellite blog.

Fresh Worker Bee

This bee has a few flowers to visit before her leg pouches are full. One of these days, I will learn the names of these trees, bushes, and flowers that I take so many pictures of.

This tree, (whatever it is named), by the A building stairwell, is exploding with colors. It was fun shooting up toward the sky with the bare branches of the big oak tree in the background.

This little guy has been hanging out behind A building for a few days now, just singing his heart out. I enjoy his song that includes variations of all that he has heard, as well as his normal singing bird calls.

I can hear frogs, the kids that yell and cry while playing in the cul de sac, some of the residents yelling at their dogs, and even a little bit of the raven/crow sounds, all included as part of his love song. What a fascinating world we get to experience and share.

I am reading a new book called, “The Genius Of Dogs”, by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods.

It is quite a thorough investigation, that takes the reader to the trail of dog ‘self domestication’ from as far back in earth history as a James Michener novel.

I think the smoothly written, meticulous attention to relevant scientific research is essential, because this book debunks most everything we thought we knew about dogs, (and natural selection, too).

This bud is the only one I found today among the driveway roses. It will be fun watching it develop. There are no other buds, yet, on any of the rose bushes here at the Treehouse. This one will get lots of lens time.

There are still plenty of bare trees to decorate the sunsets.

I just looked at the time, 12:25 AM. I still haven’t caught up. My now, now, seems to be dragging a foot in the then, leaving me slightly behind the when. Yet, it is my now, now, so I had best prepare for the morning version of now that I will visit in a few hours.

Whew! I sure am glad I cleared that up.

Today’s Instructive Video;

Understanding Jump Cuts from Riley Hooper on">Vimeo

The March Hare Appears This Year

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