Sunday, March 3, 2013

Enjoying Life

Feeling well

Today was another inspirational delight, here in Redding.

The trees continue to delight with bright, light, blossoms that make wonderful subjects for various artistic expressions.

There were hundreds of seagulls, coots, and geese gathered on a gravel bar just about 50 feet from this guy who seemed to prefer his own reflection for company. The other birds were busy jostling for the ‘right’ spot.

Those other birds were yelling, flying. landing, then taking off to land on another part of the crowded ‘bird island’. But during the time I stayed to take pictures and videos of birds, boats, and fishermen in waders, this guy never budged from his meditative state.

This familiar driveway rose is still standing tall, and alone, among the budless bushes that line the Treehouse driveway. To my eye, it is still a beauty, but to some people, it has passed it’s prime because the petals are browned and wrinkled along the edges.

I decided it should still grace these pages a while longer, so I gave it a digital makeover to reveal the beauty that remains. I love this stuff.

Another example of beauty on the banks of the Sacramento river.

It felt good to sing and play at the Jefferson State Blues Society Sunday jam this evening. I look forward to playing and singing tomorrow at the Treehouse Monday Jamboree.

Today’s Video;

I love the production of this commercial, although I don’t know what the product is. If I were to guess, I would think they are selling either; A scarf, chocolate, lipstick, or eye makeup. What do you think?

Franck Provost Brun Cashmere from TheMotionFighters on">Vimeo

Birdseye Views

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