Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sure Enough, A Rainbow

Roll Storm Credits

I spent some time last night worrying about primary care physicians, and the nonsense that went on yesterday at the doctors office. Eventually I realized that I couldn't actually do anything about it last night, so I put it out of my mind and thought about better things.

Did I mention we had a rainbow today?

After a good nights sleep, I awoke refreshed and ready for a brand-new day. My new, refreshing, positive motivation, has put me on the path to find a new primary care physician. Someone interesting and conversant would be nice.

New flowers are popping up in Dorothy’s garden each day. Some are just a spot of color, until you look more closely. Then you can see the whole garden is awakening.

I made some hardware improvements, today, and it has made the blog post process, much less time consuming. Of course, if I didn’t care about how this looks, I could just use the templates that are offered. But that’s not my style.

I love what I do. One should always treasure and respect the people and passions that one loves. At least, that’s the way I live life.

One of the best perks you get with MacBooks, is the display cleaning cloth. It does an astounding and magical job of wiping away fingerprint’s and other accumulations so that nothing comes between your eyes and the image to smudge the detail.

I lost the one I had, and missed it dearly. It warmed the cockles of my heart to get a new one, today.

Today’s Video Laugh;

The Best Medicine

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