Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Got A Problano?

Just Heat And Eat It

I am referring to the veggie stuffed poblano peppers at Trader Joe’s, of course.

More poppies poppy-ing up

The first March rainstorm has arrived here in Redding. It may last a day, or two, and could possibly add up to as much as an inch of precipitation.

Before the rain arrived

I have been concerned about some recent stories that have been posted on sites that purport to be supporting liberal, humanistic, social, and environmental causes. There seem to be a few entries from the corporate-industrial republican propaganda machine that are slithering in under the ‘guest contributor blog’ smokescreen.  Example

Beauty amid the thorns

After reading in the comments section, where there are some people who have fallen for the load of baloney, I feel compelled to write a comment of my own that exposes the lies, and questions the existence, of the people, places, and circumstances that inhabit the anecdotal stories that have been presented as facts.

Either, some commenters are paid shills, or there are real people who suffer from, “Can’t tell shit from Shinola syndrome”. (Do they still make Shinola?)

What if all the defunding, teacher layoffs, and other attacks on public education over the last 50 years has left us with a significant percentage of vulnerable, ignorant, easily misled, citizens? I think it has.

One of them was sitting behind the counter at the doctors office today. She was proud to display her belligerent attitude for all to see and hear. Her proud ignorance was mind boggling. 

She asked to see my Medicare card. I told her I didn’t have my card, and gave her my number.

She said she had to make a copy of my card, or I couldn’t complete my appointment.

When I suggested she learn how to enter my Medicare number in the computer, to get a printout from Medicare, she smiled and told me she didn’t have to learn, she was a receptionist.

Who could argue with that confounding cognition? Not me.

I will call the doctor, tomorrow, and ask where the helpful woman is that used to work there. She knew how to use the computer.

I can get wound up, sometimes. So I find ways to clear my mind.

I meditate. I sing. I play guitar.

I listen to tonight’s symphony of raindrops, (when the refrigerator isn’t roaring), and...

I watch a cute video;

If I Wait A Moment, Patience Will Catch Up

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