Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unsettled Weather

Good For Photography

A little rain, a little sun, an occasional patch of blue sky. Sometimes on the cool side, or sometimes feeling warm. Whatever it is, it sure beats living with the blizzards that swept most of North America the past few days, (although, for some people, the snowy adventure makes life worth living where they live).

The different levels of light, and the variety of shadows that came with the changing conditions, made for some interesting images. It was hard to put down the camera and tend to the other items on my agenda, (I have an agenda?), with the sun playing peekaboo spotlight making flowers flash their brilliant colors from within the profusion of greenery that came with the spring.

Today’s travels, led me to 984 Twin View Blvd, where I stopped at “North State Niffty Thrifty”. There I met Dawn Kinkade, the thrift store owner. She was arranging a daunting heap of inventory into attractive displays.

From bargain bins of clothes, to dishes set on tables as though expecting company for dinner, her store provides a pleasant, browser friendly experience. I found a couple of books I had been looking for.

Pictures were hung by the windows with care, and knick knacks filled cabinets to let one see how some of the overflowing array of second hand stuff might look should you buy it and take it home. Be sure to stop in and take a look the next time you are out that way.

Meanwhile, Back At The Treehouse;

One of the fun things about digital photography, is loading the images into the computer where I can scrutinize every pixel. I often find critters making cameo appearances, that I didn’t notice at the time I took the picture. Spring is the time of rebirth for plant and animal species of all sizes.

And of course, while photographing the plants and animals in the springtime, there is love in the air, (or just about everywhere, it seems).

Like the song sez, “It’s still the same old story...”

Among other things, I made some inquiries into locating a new Primary Care Provider, took my guitar over to John’s Violin Shop and wrote part of a couple of new songs with John, and started editing some music tracks that I recorded over the last few days.

Life is good. Oh yeah, I made a little video of the moon and clouds and for a soundtrack, added part of a song from the list Marian and I were going through before we played with Leona, when I was down in Richmond.

Today’s Short Video;

Being Part Of The Solution

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