Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's About Time

And Saving It

I have written extensively about the time changes in the spring and fall. Should you have missed any of my research and observations, you can find some HERE.

I even wrote a piece of music called, “Time Change Blues”.

As I wrote to Garie Lebow, earlier this evening, “Tomorrow I have to hurry up, or I will be an hour behind!”

I did a little exploring of the newly reopened park area at the north end of Bechelli. It is an ideal spot to take a dog who loves to run and fetch, freely. The area is part of the Turtle Bay trails and recreation projects.

From the meadow on the banks of the Sacramento river, one can look up at the McMansions, perched on the edge of the bluff.

It was a beautiful day to be out taking pictures and enjoying the sunshine with pleasant temperatures in the low 70’s. I’ll bet a good realtor could sell one of those behemoth money pits on a pleasant temperate day like today.

I wonder if the batteries are still good on the clocks I put in a drawer last fall? You would think a person would remember how to set the various digital clocks, one has around the house, but I forgot how to set a couple of them.

My stress free solution was to put them in a drawer until the spring, at which time they would once again be correct, (unless I messed them up while trying to figure out the sequence of button pressing required to change the hour).

Tonight, I got around to creating a little soundtrack for a time lapse video, shot last week, of a trip to the store in the rain at night. The colors of the lights through the wet windshield and their reflections on the wet streets, is a treat.

Today’s Timely Video;

Now, Is When Things Happen

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