Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beautiful Redding Day

Big Storm A-Comin'

Lassen on this beautiful blue sky day. 12/16/10

I took a look outside
, after a cup or two of coffee, and found a refreshing, clear, and wonderful December day. I took a few pictures around the Treehouse Senior Apartments, to share the mid day sights. What a pretty day. Another storm is forecast for the next few days.

Fall colors are still around to delight the retinal receptors. 12/16/10

After breakfast,
I plan to go out and visit some of my favorite photogenic places to take advantage of this beautiful break in the storms.

100 % Plastic Recycling

Prof. Jan Baeyens loads the fluidized bed reactor (Photo: University of Warwick)

Scientists at the University of Warwick
have developed a way to recycle 100% of plastic waste.

The Warwick system is based around a unit that utilizes pyrolysis within a fluidized bed reactor. Pyrolysis is the use of heat in the absence of oxygen for the decomposition of materials, while fluidized bed reactors pass a gas or liquid through solid granular material at high velocity, causing it to behave like a liquid.
The result can then be reduced to it's original elemental constituents.

The researchers shoveled a wide variety of mixed plastics into the reactor, which were then broken down into useful elements that could be retrieved (in some cases) through distillation. Those elements included wax, which could be used a lubricant; original monomers such as styrene, that could be used to make new polystyrene; terephthalic acid, which could be repurposed in PET plastic products; methylmetacrylate, that could be used to produce acrylic sheets; and carbon, which could be used as Carbon Black in paint pigments and tires. The char left over at the end of the process could reportedly also be sold as activated carbon.

'Real' Good News
There isn't a war on Christmas in North America
An accurate examination of the origins and development of the American Christmas holiday season, by Tim Muldoon.

Jon Bon Jovi On White House Council
Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi
has been appointed to the 25-member White House Council for Community Solutions.

The White House said the council will be tasked with three key functions: "enlisting leaders in the non-profit, private, and philanthropic sectors to make progress on key policy goals; providing strategic input and recommendations to help the federal government promote greater innovation and cross-sector collaboration; and honoring and highlighting those making a significant impact in their own communities."

Bon Jovi has worked
closely with former President Bill Clinton, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan to spearhead  efforts to reduce homelessness and improve lives affected by poverty.

I first read about this appointment in the Washington Post, (yes I read the right wing papers, too). Their slant on Jon Bon Jovi's new position was clearly one of negativity; "He's not remotely qualified. Typical act of the socialist administration. So what if he has his own foundation to help house the homeless," (and so on).

I wondered if
I could find a news story that had some actual information, so I tried a Google search. In the first 50 reports by newspapers, magazines, and cable news, there was only one report that was not just a copy of the Washington Post story. Those so called news outlets didn't even bother to change the headline! ( Obama Taps Bon Jovi For ... ).

In spite of the right wing hate and anger machine, it is good to see the Obama administration is dealing with 21st century America and the people who can produce solutions.

On The Dam Road

Today on the dam road where you can see Lassen. 12/16/10

It was a spectacular day here in Redding. I took many pictures where I could take advantage of the clear blue sky and fall weather. I didn't see anyone water skiing on Lake Shasta, but there were people fishing.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Imagine from PlayingForChangeFoundation on Vimeo.

Goodwill Toward Men, (Women,Too)

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