Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wishing You

Merry Christmas

California Christmas ornament. 12/24/10

On the 24th, I was at the Taylors for prime rib and presents. Their grandkids illustrated the joy of opening and playing with presents.

At The Taylor's


Back At My Place

The replacement battery for the Macbook arrived Christmas eve. 12/24/10

Now, that's my kind
of present. The battery in this Macbook was not as powerful and efficient as it was 2 years ago, so I ordered a new one from an on line source. There were several companies that sold batteries for the Apple notebook, and there were a lot of customer reviews to read before making my choice. According to what I was reading, the highest price didn't deliver the most satisfactory battery. I found one that was about half the cost of ordering directly from Apple, and it got better reviews.

The A1080 battery arrived in the mail on Christmas eve. I installed it, and have been using the Macbook without wires today to test the usable battery life under normal conditions. The old battery would only give me a few minutes of the simplest tasks before expiring. With the new battery, I can record "in the field" once again.

12/25/10 Christmas Day;

I didn't take any pictures today.

I did go visit with friends and had a nice dinner there.

12/26/10 Handy Cleaning Tip;

Never use chemical cleaners on a self-cleaning oven. Just a little soap and hot water if you need to do a quick once-over, said Chris Hall, president of, a Web site that sells appliance parts and gives repair advice. (NYT)


I had better just post this before it wanders into the new year. I think what I have been attempting here, in this post, is a snapshot of how Christmas was for me, this year. There were moments of joy with a heavy undertow of feelings that warned me to not venture too far into the surf. I am still able to see the world in a positive way, and I will be glad when this years extended solstice is over and the length of the days increase.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

I Think

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