Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Alignment With

The Season

A little image composite to illustrate this lovely December day. 12/19/10

One nice thing about the recent stormy weather, is the dynamics. We have had heavy downpours, light drizzle, blustery breezes, thunder, blue skies, snow on the hills, and sun on the flowers in varying amounts for the last week. The forecast suggests that this will continue for a few more days.

I am hoping that if I am awake around midnight, Monday night, that the clouds will part long enough for me to see the total eclipse of the moon. It's a stellar extravaganza, featuring the winter solstice, a full moon, and a meteor shower. Times To Watch.


More flowers blooming around the Treehouse Senior Apartments. 12/19/10

I took the Lumix
out for a stroll around the grounds today during a break in the storms. There were many beautiful subjects to photograph, and it was pleasurable time spent.

Everywhere I Looked

Looking west from the second floor stairway landing on building 'A'. 12/19/10

It was blustery when I went to town around one in the afternoon. Leaves were swirling across the streets and flags were flapping. I got some stamps while I was out. If I get my remaining Christmas cards in the mail tonight, there is a good chance they will arrive at their destinations before Christmas.
The Phil Seymour Trio played last night at the Hilltop Estates. I think I got a pretty good recording of our show. Once I get some good mixes, I will share a tune or two with you, here at Phil's Place.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

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