Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Once Again

Winter Begins

Lunar eclipse from Manassas, Virginia.   (Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

Rain and clouds
obscured the event for me, here at the Treehouse, but I found this great image on the internet. As much as I enjoy the Lumix TZ1, I couldn't have produced such beautifully detailed images of the moon. Besides, we can use the rain and snow.

I am reading
that the bulk of the storm that was expected in Redding, moved to the south and is drenching southern California. I am glad we managed to miss the flooding and storm damage. Believe it or not, there are some people complaining and demanding  that the local weather personalities be fired because we didn't get hammered by the storm system.

3 Years Ago

Home sweet home on my first night at the Treehouse Apartments. 12/21/07

On December 21, 2007, I drove the Buick LeSabre up the driveway to my new home in the Treehouse Senior Apartments. I had packed only what would fit in the car to begin a new life in Redding. I had a camping chair, an air mattress, an iMac G3, a goose neck desk lamp, my guitar, and a heart full of gratitude that I had a place to live.

Art Is Essential

The George Bleich collection went up before furniture went in. 12/21/07

Since that day three years ago, I accumulated more furnishings, met some remarkable people, and have become active in matters affecting the community. My heart is grateful and my spirit sings with joy and happiness each and every day that I am here, in Redding. Life is good. I am very fortunate.

City Lights

Redding lights from Hilltop Drive across from Hilltop Estates. 12/21/10

I stopped by
the Hilltop Estates to take a few pictures for CD art that I might use to make a CD of the Phil Seymour Trio from last Saturday's performance. I wanted to get some festive images to mix with the handful of pictures I have from us playing there over the past year, to illustrate the CD cover. Most of the packages that were around the Christmas tree were already gone and the diorama looks a bit sparse, but that might give me more space to arrange images.

Hilltop Estates Decor

Last Saturday this area was full of Christmas packages.  Not anymore. 12/21/10

Looking Toward Lassen Today

Lassen received some sunshine this afternoon. 12/21/10

So there you have it.
Some things have changed, and some remain the same in the three years I have been happily living here in Redding.

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