Monday, December 13, 2010

Little Adjustments

Without Losing A Step

LMP to PST within an hour, or three. 12/13/10

I got a call from Marian a few minutes past 4p today. She isn't feeling up to snuff and had to cancel this Saturday's appearance at the Hilltop Estates. We were all looking forward to Leona and Marian coming up to Redding this weekend, but it will just have to be another time. These things happen. I hope Marian get's plenty of rest and proper medical attention so that this will simply be a minor setback.

While I was talking to Marian, I realized that Hilltop Estates might want, or need the Phil Seymour Trio to fill in for the LMP Trio. We have played there before, and the people there seem to enjoy the band, so after I talked to Marian, I called Mark and John to see if they were available Saturday night as a backup plan. They were, and when I offered the substitution, Corina Neathamer at the Hilltop Estates said let's do that. I said I would correct the advertising that I had done and we, (The Phil Seymour Trio), would be there on Saturday.

By 5:30, the newspaper advertising was altered and the rest I can notify in the morning. All without missing a beat.

So Marian, you can relax and get well, knowing that this must have been the alternate plan in the flow of the cosmos, all along.

Tight Wrap

Rosebud looks like colorful modeling clay. 12/12/10

The images keep leaping into the Lumix through the Leica lens. The character and inner beauty radiate on the Macbook monitor.

Beautiful rose on the poor side of town. 12/12/10

Christmas Card?

Possible start of this years Christmas card. 12/13/10

Just the other day
I realized that Christmas is almost here, and I had not yet created this years Christmas card. I figured to get started today, and around 2:30 this afternoon I took a few pictures and began to play with them. I printed out what you see, on a letter size piece of presentation paper, and the plan is to draw, paint, trim, paste, scan and print the resulting work of art in a card form to be mailed before the Christmas card mailing deadline. So far, so good.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Geminid Meteor Showers Tonight

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