Monday, December 27, 2010

The Bright Side Of Life

Looking Good
One of the reasons I go to the Sunset Marketplace. 12/26/10

I do enjoy the occasional cream puff, and the Sunset Marketplace out on Eureka Way makes some very tasty ones. I usually get a couple of mini-cream puffs, but this time they were in the process of assembling some full sized ones while I was standing there at the bakery counter, so I couldn't resist.

The other item
I get while there, is coffee beans. They have some organic beans from Mexico and Guatemala that make really tasty coffee, and I wanted to try some in the new coffee maker.

The organic Mexican coffee gets a shakedown brewing. 12/26/10

The coffee was good, and the cream puff was huge.

Mr. Fixit

I finally started doing some neglected projects today. 12/27/10

When I was at Harbor Freight, last week, getting a soldering iron, I also picked up an adjustable headlamp. I must have read my future because that headlamp is really helpful for me to see close up work. I don't know how I have been doing detailed repairs without it. Prescience? Perhaps so.

Nice Day Here In Redding

At Lake Redding/Caldwell Park, next to the boat ramp. 12/27/10

Fly fishermen on the Sacramento River. 12/27/10

There were people fishing from boats, and wading in the water today when I stopped at the park. It was a nice day between storms and some people were out taking advantage of this pleasant afternoon.

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