Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Could Be

Out Of Step?

Angelic dove in Kathmandu. (credit - API)

"Knowledge truly is power and zero learning takes place by swallowing a pill."
John R. Polito

For The Birds

Screen shot of webcam video.

You too
, can enjoy some webcams from the rain forests. BIRDS

Brazil is one of three countries that have surpassed the United States in commerce, investment, and innovation. (Blame it on the Bossa Nova.)

Pain In The Neck

A hunter returns with his prize. 12/13/10

The Pillow Chronicles Continue

In my last report about pillows, (PILLOWS), I wrote about changing pillows every 6 months to avoid a face full of bugs, bacteria, and mold. I would like to add another reason for changing pillows; They wear out.

It began a few weeks ago. I was waking up with a stiff neck, (insert your own adolescent humorous word play), and I began switching pillows, thinking that the one I was using had lost it's loft. The principal was solid, but the experiment failed because I substituted previously rejected pillows from the shelf in my closet. There is also the five dollar, on sale, pillow quality to factor into the results of my experiment.

I went to Shopko on Monday and bought a new replacement. After carefully squishing through the vast selection of pillows, I got one on sale for around $10. After 2 nights of using the new pillow, my pain in the neck is gone. Wonderful.

Christmas Cheer

Playing around with seasonal images.

Christmas Shopping In 2010

A new coat of paint for the sign at the dollar store.

I have selected some wonderful gifts for all my friends, and as soon as those great gifts appear on the shelves of a dollar store, I will be able to afford to participate in the traditional act of buying your Christmas presents.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

'Tis The Season

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