Friday, December 10, 2010

We Hit The Big Time!

Band Of The Month!

Featured in the local paper, on line, for the month of December, 2010.

Can our own Lear jet, and castles in Spain be far behind?

I guess I will have to hire a ghost writer for my blogs, like all the big stars do.

Thanks to Stuart Taylor
for bringing this story to my attention. I had no idea we were the Band of the Month. Here is a link to this career making distinction; Band of the Month.

December Colors

Looking behind building 'A' from the stairway landing. 12/10/10

It has been relatively warm so far this December. Snow levels have stayed up beyond 2,800 feet, and temperatures here have been in the 50's. Last year's low was 19 degrees on this date.

Sunday's forecast indicates a sunny day with clear skies. I have a few things to do on Sunday, but I am sure to find times to get some pictures of snow on the volcanoes.

Last Night By The Fire

Enjoying a cozy fire and a good book on a sort of cool evening. 12/9/10

Yesterday I reported to the courthouse for jury duty. Although the jury panel was selected before many of us were called, the process took from 8am to 5pm. I thought it was very entertaining and educational. Time well spent.

The people who were part of this day, seemed to be right out of central casting. The whole process from parking lot to the courtroom was filled with colorful people, rich in character, with voices, faces, and clothing as good as any production I have seen. I wrote some of the details down, but the journal is in the Buick, downstairs, parked in front of my apartment, and after yesterday's adventure at "Juroristic Park", I don't feel like dragging myself out there to get my notes. I will write a colorful, amusing recollection one day soon. It is just as well I wasn't chosen. If one day's worth of courthouse ergonomic stress aggravates my structure to the present degree, a few days in a row, might not be possible to complete.

The main thing, I think for my own information about my limits, was to see if I was capable of jury duty. I will get a note from my doctor next time I am called and be content with yesterday's experience as my first and last time being a potential juror. ( When I was younger, I thought my time was too important to spend it on jury duty.)

This is one of the prettiest rose pictures I have ever taken. 12/21/10

I ran across this rose picture when I was checking the events on iPhoto, and just wanted to show it to you. I had to re-install the new version of iPhoto because of a mistake I made last week that I didn't completely correct. All is well,  once again and I have reinstated all the cool printing features that I accidentally removed as a result of an impatient and imperfect action.

Gray Hair?

Each time I get a hair cut, I seem to get more gray hair. 12/10/10

About 20 years ago
, a friend in Carmel Valley wanted me to consider using Grecian Formula to cover up some of the gray hairs that were giving me the salt and pepper look. After all, how could I be a heart throb rock star with traces of gray in my hair.  I am glad I didn't follow that advice because here I am, with more gray hairs, and I'm in the Band of the Month. A heart throb rock star at last.

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