Monday, December 6, 2010

Bountiful Pleasures

Sun And Rain

Giant loop of plasma lifts off the surface of our sun. 12/6/10

Closer view of the leaping, looping plume of plasma.

These solar snapshots
can be seen at
The Solar Dynamics Observatory
and if you wish to read more on this current event, you can read the Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy coverage.

The Return Of The LumixTZ1

The flag in front of the Treehouse Senior Apts office on this rainy Monday.

It must have been a lesson, or test to let me know just how lucky I am to have this camera. I called John this morning and picked up the Lumix TZ1 that I had irresponsibly left at his violin shop last Friday. I am so happy to have it back.

Throughout the weekend
I kept telling myself that I could make a silk purse out of a sows ear, or at least get the kind of image results from some of my cameras that I get from the LumixTZ1. I created a blog post using the Sanyo T1060, but the images were so lackluster and lifeless, that I didn't bother posting it. (I wouldn't assault our sensibilities with such substandard dreck.)

To be certain that I wasn't figmanating somehow in my artistic interpretation of what constitutes a great image, I went out and took a couple of pictures with the Panasonic Lumix TZ1, as soon as I got back from retrieving it at John's violin shop.

Holly Berries In The Rain

My hand, shielding the lens, helps frame this lively image. 12/6/10

Trying a variety of different subjects and lighting, the Lumix caught the subtleties, and details that I have come to expect from it's imaging capabilities.

Rainy December Day

This picture turned out, with mood and detail, just as I imagined. 12/6/10

As if to securely embed the clear and delightful results that the Lumix delivers, the camera contained pumpkin pie shots that I had taken last Friday that I could compare to the Sanyo shots of the same pie. The Lumix images make the pie look delicious.

Pumpkin Pie

What would the Christmas season be without pumpkin pie? 12/3/10

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