Tuesday, May 3, 2011


From The Start

There are flowers blooming all over the place, and the pollinators are working day and night to assist plant life to multiply and be fruitful as we begin this month of May, 2011.

Colors dazzle, shapes delight, and the air is scented with the allure of spring time.

Whether by the river, in town, up in the hills, or home at the Treehouse Senior Apartments, there are plenty of flowers to admire and poke my nose into.

I went on several excursions to locate the perfect subject, color, mood, composition, tonal balance, and space that cried out for text of the right font, size, and color to make the perfect Mothers Day card.

These pictures are some of the contestants that didn’t make the cards, but were almost perfect, and deserved to be viewed and enjoyed by us, here at Phil’s Place.

Today, I hope to provide a brief respite from the daily madness and hubbub, with these images providing a space to virtually stop and smell the roses.

Sterling Rose Further Opens

Keeping a close eye, and camera on the remaining Sterling Rose each day so we can follow it’s development together.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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