Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mother’s Day

We had a beautiful day in Redding for this Mother’s Day.

One of the early calls to celebrate a Mother's Day in the United States was the "Mother's Day Proclamation" by Julia Ward Howe. Written in 1870, it was a pacifist reaction to the carnage of the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War. The Proclamation was tied to Howe's feminist belief that women had a responsibility to shape their societies at the political level.
In the years after the Mother's Day Proclamation, Ann Jarvis founded five Mothers' Day Work Clubs to improve sanitary and health conditions. In 1907, two years after Ann Jarvis' death, her daughter Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother and began a campaign to make "Mother's Day" a recognized holiday in the US. Although she was successful in 1914, she was already disappointed with its commericalization by the 1920s.” (More)

Mother’s Day Breakfast

I had a delicious breakfast in celebration of Mother’s day. In addition to the usual Natures Path organic cereal with banana and strawberries, this years blueberries from the Family Tree Farms are now at Raley’s. They are big, fresh, and tasty.

One year I wrote to them and inquired as to where I might find a blueberry tree. They got the joke, and responded with a very nice reply and an invitation to come down to Reedley and see the farm. I just might do that, one of these years.

Part of my waking process each day is to take a cruise through the newspapers,  magazines, and blogs on the Internet. I got up relatively early and looked for Mother’s Day stories. I looked and looked and saw that the regular stuff that passes for news these days, was there, but Mother’s Day was way down on the Totem pole, (if it was even mentioned at all).

I would list all the newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites I look at each day, but it would take up way too much space and time for me to type. Suffice it to say that; “If you are a regular reader of my blog, I read your favorite, and local papers, plus some of my more esoteric sources, nearly every day.”

Not one news source had a Mother’s Day headline. (Except Mother Jones magazine!)

I attended a regularly scheduled district meeting today. I thought it should have been rescheduled, but it wasn’t my call. Nevertheless, it did get me out and about on this 70 degree, gorgeous day.

As I am writing this, this evening, the forecast thunderstorms have arrived. I am soooo glad I didn’t get the Buick washed earlier.

Some of today’s pictures were taken by the river at Caldwell Park.

Sterling Rose Update

The thunderstorm is a wonderful soundtrack on this 97th official Mother’s Day. There are occasional shafts of sunlight appearing on the tree next to my balcony, so I think I will go out and look for the rainbows.

Happy Mother’s Day

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Anonymous said...

you should find pictures of the BEAUTIFUL rainbows that came out this mothers day evening. they were spectacular in my opinion :)