Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Extended Month

Or So It Seems

Here I am enjoying a bouquet of flowers and birthday cake, 10 days after my birthday. What a nice treat. It seems that I forgot that the monthly residents meeting had been changed to today to be part of the Mad Hatter party, which also didn’t stick in my mind, (even though someone reminded me last night). So one of my neighbors kindly brought a nice bouquet, a piece of cake, and a couple of cookies. Thank you, neighbor.

Looking at my birthday bouquet, I recognize the flowers from pictures I took yesterday. I even see that one of the bugs I photographed is still attached. Talk about fresh cut flowers! My living room smells like a rose garden. How delightful.

It has been a rainy last day of May, with one moment of sun and a few hours of lightning and thunder to punctuate the continuous rain and downpours.

At some point, I went out to take pictures and get the mail. I got a nice letter from my sister. Her letters are a treat for me. She chronicles her day to day life in multi page correspondence in a wonderfully wordy stream of consciousness that I find heartwarming and informative.

Yesterday, (Memorial Day), I took some, (350), pictures for a song/slide show that I put together for yesterdays song of the day. I didn’t get it up and running on Vimeo, until it was past my writing time so instead, it will be today’s song.

Not all 350 pictures of flowers made it to the video. Not because they weren’t pretty enough, but simply because they wouldn’t all fit. I put a couple on here, (above), that had to be left out of the show/video, but still deserved to be admired.

It was particularly windy, so to take some of the pictures, I had to hold the waving, dancing subjects in place.

For me, the theme of my Sunday reflections was illustrated by the Pete Seeger song about flowers and soldiers, and how the dead ones are recycled into another soldier, or flower, to fight or bloom once more. So I offer this song and slide show as;

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Compassion Feels Really Good

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