Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day


It was a beautiful first day of May, here in Redding. I set aside some time to go out and enjoy some of this place I am fortunate to be part of.

I took a road that I hadn’t explored before, and found housing tracts built in an area of wide vistas. Coincidentally, the tract across Quartz Hill Road from the one pictured above was called the vistas. Who would have guessed?

As pretty as it was, I had a desire to commune with nature off the beaten path. Where I could stop and smell the lupin and other fragrant blossoming wildflowers.

I found just such a spot just off Iron Mountain Road, along Rock Creek, where the bouquet of wildflowers permeated my senses.

The sound of the creek provided a soothing soundtrack while I watched the butterflies fluttering by. It was nice to align with nature for a few minutes.

Ah, that felt good to relive the afternoon through these images. I can still smell the wildflowers.

Life on earth is such a blessing, and I have been blessed beyond measure.

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