Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy Dazed

Still Productive

This fascinating world in which we live is beautiful, rain or shine. Though it was rather rainy today, here at the Treehouse, there were many philosophical and productive things for me be doing. I even managed to do a few of them.

Sorting through the photographs that reside on the Macbook was once again necessary so that I could transfer the ones I don’t need to be carrying around, onto backup drives, DVD’s, and on-line galleries.  I put 343 of the best April/May flower images HERE if you would like to see them.

Last Endeavor Launch
Enhancement of  Stephanie Gordon photo.

It was quite a picturesque launch that produced some outstanding photographs. The most famous, (viral), image seen around the world was taken from an airplane with an iPhone, by Stephanie Gordon, who tweeted the image to her friends and it ended up on TV and all over the Internet.

Before posting it here, I thought I would clean it up a bit. I just wanted to get rid of the smudge reflections on the airplane window and sharpen some details while pumping up the color, so it would look it’s best here on my blog. But I ended up doing something a bit more artistic, (I hope she wont mind).

I wondered if I would be able to see the shuttle approach the space station, but two things stood between me and that view in the sky; Rain, and the fact that I was nowhere near the southern tip of South America. Follow the ISS

I did get to see a shuttle and the space station coming together some years ago when I was living in Carmel Valley and it was quite a sight to see as they sparkled and flew across the western horizon.

Between the rainclouds, yesterday, while I was taking pictures of the various vegetable gardens that residents have planted this year, there were opportunities to watch the birds frolicking in the wild flowers. There were some entertaining mating dances going on in the grass and in the sky.

Love was in the air, and the rain didn’t seem to dampen the fire in the hearts of feathered Romeo’s and Juliet’s around the Treehouse Senior Apartments.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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