Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Most Convenient


The power of music is a beautiful gift.

My neighbor, Peggy Richardson, had pretty much given up on her music, after a long and presumably enjoyable career as a singing piano player.

She tells me that I have re-awakened that joy by playing with her. I told her that I just provided the keyboard and someone to play with. The music is what lifts our spirits, and fills our hearts with life’s possibilities.

We have only played together a few times for no more than 45 minutes a session, but I can see and hear her getting better each time we do, as the songs and familiarity with playing come flooding back. It’s amazing what music can do.

The flowers around the Treehouse apartments are keeping the Lumix TZ1 and this photographer as busy as the bees. I wrote a little about the flowers and springtime activities in the blog on should you wish to read it.

Sterling Rose Progress Image

This is going to be a most awesomely pretty rose, I can tell because the bugs are going crazy on it.

Cool Ride

What a beautiful car. I really enjoy the comfort for my back, and the 2 ½ times increase in miles per gallon it gets over the van that Chris and I had before I was given this Buick.

Another wonderful accessory it has is essential here in Redding, where the temperature can stay over 110 for days at a time, is air conditioning. So imagine my chagrin when I found it was only blowing marginally cool air the other day when it got hot enough to need it.

The mechanic who regularly works on the car, told me that the A/C needs recharging. I am glad to hear that, because a recharge kit at the auto supply stores only costs about 20 or 30 dollars. I wont be having Mike do this task because at a shop, this would cost me between 150 and 200 dollars.

I can beat the heat for 30 or less by doing it myself.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Al Gore's Our Choice Guided Tour from Push Pop Press on Vimeo.

iBook for an iPad - What a great idea.

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