Sunday, May 15, 2011

Every Day

Is An Opportunity

Friday evening, Mt. Shasta had developed a nice lenticular cloud hat, so I took pictures from the 2nd floor stairwell landing of building ‘A’. I tried using the ‘aerial photo’ setting in addition to the ‘scenery’ setting I normally select for landscapes.

The aerial photo setting is the image on the left. It’s a bit more detailed, I think.

There were many wonderful flower images I was lucky enough to capture in the last few days. Not quite knowing how to display them all in one place, the best idea seems to put them in several small collections as blog illustrations, slide shows, Flickr and Picasa albums, and greeting cards.

One possibility is a little slide show that I tested in an email, that can be put here;

The colors and shapes of flowers are so profoundly mesmerizing to view while editing and doing post production, that hours can slip by without noticing the passing of time.

This yellow and brown eye-catcher was in a flowerbed at Mark’s house Friday. He, and his wife put on a BBQ for their friends and family at their house in Anderson, before they move to their new house that Mark is building near Keswick.

Mark, John, and I played music after we put a small dent in the mountain of food that was presented. It was fun to set up our amplifiers and play in the back yard.

I rolled into the Treehouse driveway just in time to get a nice clear picture of the moon as if to complete this day’s imaging adventure. I am very lucky to have discovered how well the Lumix TZ1 compliments my vision of good photographic composition.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Nice Day

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