Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Trip

Around The Sun

I returned from Richmond today, one year older on paper. I did complete my 66th ellipse of the sun on the 21st, so I am a year older cosmologically, as well, I suppose.

Leona, Marian, Phil, and Jim Rampoldi at lasagna feast. 5/21/11

Food and music were in abundance during my birthday stay at Marian’s home in Richmond. Friend and neighbor, Jim Rampoldi, joined us for dinner and he and I learned how to play ‘Spite and Malice’ after strawberry shortcake.

Marian showed me a picture in a publication for the Rosie The Riveter Museum of us playing for a function on board the Red Oak, about 10 years ago. Leona and Marian have the same color hair today as they do in this picture.

The bug rose, (above), was the one that had the bug story blog post when it was a bud. It has gone through some dramatic color and shape changes as it matures.

This rose was just a bud when I left here on Friday. It is one of the rose ‘bushes’ along the driveway here at the Treehouse Senior Apartments.

Marian sounds the call to play some music together.

It was nice to be in Richmond. It’s nice to be back in Redding. Life is good.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Fibonacci or Pingala

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