Wednesday, May 25, 2011


And Roses

At first, my intention was to find a magical rainbow, waiting for me to take it’s picture, when I finally went out to observe the result of clearing skies and low angle sunlight.

Although I did find a nice piece of a rainbow in the great big, beautiful Redding skies, the little raindrops on the roses stole the show. The colors were stunning.

The roses were alive with dripping rainwater and visiting creatures.

I put 82 full size, high resolution images of these wet flowers on my Picasaweb photo page for your viewing pleasure. (HERE)  You might want to try the magnifying glass feature to truly appreciate the rich texture and clarity of detail in these images. The slide show ain’t bad either.

A stray shaft of sunlight lit this iris in Dorothy’s garden.

I had a long, activity filled day today and the sunbeams and raindrop coated flora were the perfect refresher to remind me of the bigger picture. What a wonderful world we are part of.

And to think I was going to write about the problems I thought were so important earlier, you know, before I was, once again, shown the light of this big, beautiful experience called life. We can all be thankful.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Life Is Good

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