Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Noteworthy Road

Leads To Richmond

The dark tinted, air conditioned, comfortable, quiet, leather interior of the Buick is a nice place to be for the 200 mile cruise down to Marian’s house, in Richmond.

I re-learnedThree Little Birds”, by playing and singing the latest version from Playing For Change, with the band I have in my head. In the new version, Baaba Maal sings some of the tag lines using the Middle Eastern 14 note scale, adding even more global flavor to this song played by musicians around the world.

After singing the song in my head for about 50 miles, I think I now have a pretty good idea how I will perform it.  “Every little thing, is gonna be alright”.

From Vacaville to Pinole, I sang, ‘You Don’t Know Me’, (out-loud to the band in my head), until I felt I had milked the sound of the words to where each one was infused with the plight of the character in the story. I know the song was done by some country singer, but the only version that plays in my heart is the soulful one from Ray Charles.

Well, with all that great music going on, I arrived at Marian’s house in what felt like just minutes of smooth journeying. By the time we all re-established contact and I brought in my stuff, we were gathered together for a delicious meal, topped off with bread pudding.

After dinner, we played and recorded music for an hour or so. It took a few tunes to get the feeling, and once I re-adjusted to reading the music and chords, we started sounding like the LMP Trio we all know and enjoy.

Did I mention we had Marian’s famous home made bread pudding with half and half for dessert? Well, we did and it was good.

Tomorrow/today is Marians’ son Alan’s birthday. Happy birthday Alan. May 21st is my birthday as well. Happy birthday, me.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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