Friday, June 10, 2011

Amazing Feats

That Knock My Socks Off

Europe Keeps Moving Along

The roof of a two mile stretch of tunnel over Belgium's high speed rail line has been fitted out with 16,000 solar panels to provide power for trains running through Antwerp Central Station and the surrounding railway infrastructure. (Read More)

I enjoy seeing progress being made, even if it’s not just this country that is moving ahead. We are, after all, one big 7 billion human family, sharing the same air and water.

In The Meantime

The flowers in Dorothy’s garden, and around the Treehouse, are just bursting with vibrant colors and energy. The warm temperatures of the last couple of days has stimulated the life that springs forth from the earth, and I can’t snap enough pictures to keep up with the riotous growth.

The haze from the Modoc Lava Beds fire is still preventing a detailed view of the mountains, so it isn’t a particularly good time to take pictures of Lassen, Bally, or Mt. Shasta. I am going to check the view of Shasta around sundown to see if a mood picture can be salvaged out of the murk.

The fire, 600 acres last time I looked, was started by some people who couldn’t think of anything better to do with, ‘debris’, than set fire to it.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Warm Wishes

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