Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Even More Impressive

Points Of View

This image of the International Space Station with the docked Europe's ATV Johannes Kepler and Space Shuttle Endeavour was taken by Expedition 27 crew member Paolo Nespoli from the Soyuz TMA-20 following its undocking on 24 May 2011. The pictures are the first taken of a shuttle docked to the ISS from the perspective of a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

What a remarkable, advanced time we live in. If one only watched TV and listened to talk radio, one would think that the only important things happening in this world are politics, war, reality shows, and sports. One should stay informed about those things, (except the ‘reality’ shows), but they only represent a small part of the advancements that humans are making in sciences, the arts, and how we communicate and share information.

Peggy and Phil having musical fun.   (Photo credit - Linda)

Today, Wednesday, was our Treehouse Residents Band practice. It was a lot of fun, and Peggy is getting her piano chops back, more each time we play. We added a couple of songs in the key of F and she knew what to do. I write the chords when a song seems tricky, and we all seem to stay together most of the time.

Margaret Milller is getting more confident with playing her keyboard. She is learning to play the string and horn parts. Jan Falcone is remembering how to make the maracas fit with the guitar rhythms. More residents are showing up to tap their feet and sing along.

(Photo credit - Linda)

Linda took pictures and HD videos of the residents at play, with her new iPad 2. Thank you Linda.

The videos really looked and sounded good. I hope to use them to put together a little something for the blog, one of these days.

I read the latest political stuff and I can’t imagine anyone taking the Republican contenders seriously. I am astonished that some of them ever were elected to public office.

It could be upsetting, but I manage to let it go with the hopes that no one will vote for them and they will just go away.

My Best Duck Picture, Ever

I took the duck picture while I was filming a little movie about the new Cypress bridge. I didn’t know at the time, what a wonderful image it would turn out to be. What a delightful surprise.

Today there were opportunities to get nice clear pictures of Lassen, with a few designer clouds.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Redding is one of the top 10 U.S. cities for clean air.

I Shall Breathe Deeply

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