Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Snapper

Thanks Marian

I had been looking to get a newer version of my trusty and magical Panasonic Lumix TZ1, and each time I would find a bargain on the internet, I would be too late, or I wouldn’t remember where I saw it.

It seems that, once again, there was a semi-new Lumix TZ3 waiting for the right time to come to me through Marian and Leona. It was languishing in a drawer, waiting until I had become an expert with the TX1, and could apply the upgrades and improvements to my established rapport with a Lumix camera.

When I got it home and checked the test shots I had taken, I discovered that it already had about 150 pictures on it, stretching back in time to 2007. I noticed that the white balance was not set right, and found a time in the camera’s past, where the balance had been changed.

The pictures had an undesirable blue cast to them that, back in the days of film would have meant the vacation pictures looked like my dad’s trip to Bermuda pictures in 1954, and one would be stuck with them.

This proved to be a minor adjustment in the iPhoto editor when it came to correcting Leona’s pictures. The TZ3 had plenty of image data that I was able to correct the color back to reality, and the pictures are saved.

When I got to Corning to meet Marian and Jim, and receive the new camera, I took a few pictures and noticed the display had a blue cast, but figured I would see what that meant when I got back to Redding. I am glad I was able to save the pictures that were in the camera.

One of the first things I did when I got home was to set the white balance to automatic, set the movie proportions to 16:9, and to get out and get some samples of colors that the TZ1 had a little trouble with. Red and certain shades of blue were tricky for my TZ1, but the new TZ3 has wonderfully accurate representations across the entire color spectrum.

There are additional features, functions, and settings on the new camera that I can intuitively use right away, the result of having taken over 80,000 meaningful images with the previous model. I am grateful, thankful, and ready to spend Father’s Day exploring the world I love with this new imaging tool.

All the images  shown here were taken with the Lumix TX3, except the pictures of the TZ3, which were taken with the TZ1.

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