Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Must Be Gas

Or The Neighbors Motorcycle

Here in Redding there are a lot of loud vehicles. There are a lot of loud anythings in our little town. If it has a motor on it, and it’s loud, you can easily find someone who wants to buy it.

Some guys spend extra money for loud pipes so their motorcycles sound like sustained burrito fed flatulence, painting a Bronx cheer, raspberry stripe, along the nighttime Redding roadways.

The rain has arrived at 4:00 AM. The forecast called for a good soaking in the north state as a result of the jet stream bringing moisture from Siberia. This is part of the mechanism that Scott Mobley describes in the Redding Searchlight weather report.

Last Saturday

The band played at the historic French Gulch Hotel last Saturday. We had a different drummer because Jeff was out of town. The drummers name is Rocky. He played well and he sounds good on the recordings I made.

I am still mixing the songs from Saturday, but I have one here for you, along with a few pictures I took over the weekend. I didn’t make arrangements for pictures to be taken of the band while we played, but I will try to remember next time.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Good Things

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