Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Band?

There’s An App For That

I read about a German site where one could make an App for ones band.

If you have an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, a Smart phone running Android, or a Mac computer, you already know what an App is.

If you don’t; Apps are a slick and easy way to package programs containing any combination of data, music, video, calendars, updates, news feeds, TV shows, and anything that a computer uses, in one tidy, usually good looking, identifying icon package.

In the world of Apple, (and some other companies who want to be like Apple), Apps are how we get software applications in one simple process.

Up until I found songpier.com, the only way for me to make an app was to get the developer kit, or get someone else to make it for me.

I went to the site, followed simple instructions, filled in the appropriate data fields, uploaded a song, a picture, and they did the rest.

Today’s pictures are the result of my rising with the sun and getting out to take pictures in morning light. A rare occasion.

I even got some pictures of the Sundial Bridge with light coming from the east.

Obviously I shall see if the App works, by making it,
Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song:

(You can just click the link, if the App doesn’t work on your device.)

What Fun

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