Sunday, June 5, 2011

Never A wasted Moment

New Wonders Abound

Amazing new things like this;

And, on the second effort;

Did I mention that I have finally begun construction and design on my Shasta Phil website? I secured the domain name 3 years ago when I signed up for a yahoo plus mail account. They had a special on domain names that only cost 99¢. How could I pass that up? So for the past 2 years I have been paying $34.95 a year to keep that name because at some point I plan to use it for a website that is different from

I found that I could attach to a Weebly website to host it, and now I am learning what I can and can’t do under those conditions. For the moment, I am using their site editor, but I will be experimenting with FTP from iWeb, where I can create pages that are even more to my personal artistic taste.

Check out what I have done so far, if you like;

I am glad that I live in these magical times of technological advances.

I was explaining to someone the other day, how it used to be to be a graphic artist. For a simple, eight page newsletter with pictures and artwork, there would be tables covered in papers with type and pictures, tape, scissors, etc. There would be trips to the darkroom to photograph and develop the negatives, prints, halftones, and plates for the printing presses. There would be the inevitable changes the customer would want. There would be batches of chemicals that were weak or not mixed right. Re-shoots, reprints, design changes, and a host of other activities that would extend a normal 2 week production to 2 months.

Today, the whole thing can be designed, produced, approved and printed in a couple of days. Now that, to me, is magical and wondrous.

Screen Shot From

I am also trying another place on the web to display my photography. There are some very good photographers using the site, so I am encouraged to improve and develop my style. Here is an example;

 Driveway Rose by Phil Seymour (HappyPhil) on
Wet Driveway Rose by Phil Seymour

Well that’s about it for today. There should be plenty of things here to see and do, (even if only half of them worked), so I will grab a bite to eat and go out to appreciate the beauty of this rainy day.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

'Now' is the time where things get done

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