Monday, June 13, 2011

Mixing Media

Will It Last?

There are some fun templates for the Pages application that I use for documents, photos, and most of my graphic design projects. I used one just to see if I like how it looks, and to see if it ‘speaks’ my personal graphic language preferences.

The tricky part is getting it to play nicely with Google Docs and the Blogger editor. What I did here, tonight, after I created it in Pages, was turn it into a PDF that  I saved on my desktop. I then took 2 screen shots of the PDF as it was displayed in Preview. 2 shots were required because the PDF had to be scrolled down to read completely.

Then while displaying the screen shots in Preview, I cropped them to fit together on this page. Hopefully they will reassemble to appear as a single page after being copied to the Blogger editor for publishing here on the Phil’s Place blog. (I have no idea how this will look on the emailed versions until I see one.)

A Fibanocci Sequence Example*

*Also known as a daisy.

There are plenty of flowers of all shapes and sizes in abundance around here, and I am enjoying the ability to closely observe them through the Leica lens and adding their images to my reports.

We live in fantastic times. What a gift.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Large And Small Wonderful World

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