Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taking Some Time

To Catch Up

I like doing as many different activities that I am capable of doing, and like other people with a potpourri of fun things to do, I sometimes, run out of time to do them all.

That certainly was the case this last week. I ended up with more things to do than there was time to do them. Fortuitously, I didn’t schedule anything for the weekend, other than a couple of business meetings, and that has allowed me to do a little catching up.

I had hundreds of really good pictures that I had taken over the past few days that needed to be put into slide show/movies with music.

I was able to record one background tune this afternoon to put with the pictures I selected from Tuesday’s early morning to sunset. I narrowed the pictures down from 275 that I had taken, to a mere 95 and they have been awaiting a sound track.

I also have many flower images from lilies to roses that are enjoyable to look at, (Just today I have captured some 273 brilliant colors, attractive shapes, and flower stories).

Last night’s Shasta sunset images were wonderfully moody and I printed some greeting cards with those, and some with the sunrise from Tuesday, along with a few of this weeks most striking flowers in the time I have set aside for catching up.

I even had time to play around with pictures I took of tonight’s sunset. I am a very lucky man, and I am humbled and enlightened by the blessings that I receive with every beat of my heart.

So, now, if I have timed this evenings writing and image manipulating right, the video that I uploaded to You Tube should be posted and ready for viewing.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Dimensional Appreciation

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