Sunday, July 17, 2011

After Further Review

I Withdraw My Decision

In the light of a new day, and further testing, the Eris HTC smart phone sounds just fine to some people. My low opinion of it’s phone-ness may have been too hasty.

What a gorgeous day today turned out to be. This mild weather here in Redding is very unusual, but very welcome.  The sharp dip in the jet stream that is keeping us in the cool 80’s is expected to be disappearing soon and our normal 100+ degrees summer temperatures will return.

I will be going to AirOne Cellular tomorrow to see if they can transfer the numbers from my old phone to the Android. It wouldn’t work before because the phone was still full of Mike’s stuff and we couldn’t figure out how to reset the phone. Now that I have reset it and it knows who I am, the transfer should happen without incident.

Today’s images taken around the Treehouse this afternoon with the Lumix TZ3.

After I have experienced the new smart phone for a month or two, I will write another review based on extended usage and how it will have impacted my day to day life.

One interesting test will be in August, when I will take a trip to Richmond to visit, and perform with, Marian and Leona. I will see if having this phone with me is any different than having my other phone.

One fun application that I got for free, and installed on the new phone is called; SoundHound. I tried it last night. I sang a couple of bars of an instrumental that I wanted to find for my sister, and it told me the name, who wrote it, and located the Mp3’s and videos where I could find it. That was amazing! Here is what it found;

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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