Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reality Is Enormous

Sometimes, It’s Hard To Comprehend

Yes you can see San Francisco from what is now called Battery Spencer.

The spelling world of reality is showing me that I should have saved the original art work so I could correct the spelling of,  ‘Spencer’.  Luckily the mistake is not all that enormous. Really.

This is a  screen shot from a Panoramic View of Battery Spencer.

In 1984, there was a tree and a flat space a little below where these people are standing. It was there at sunrise in February of that year, that I got married for the third time. It was quite spectacular as the clouds lifted in the east, allowing the rising sun to shine through and cast it’s light across the bay to illuminate the city, the bridge, and the happy faces of the wedding party on the hillside.

That happiness lasted 4 years, the marriage lasted 5. I hadn’t met, “The One”, yet.

Speaking Of Sunshine

While I was shooting some video for a Treehouse Senior Apartments project today, (Wednesday), the sun lit up a sunflower behind the dining room and made it irresistible to ignore the colors, intricacy, and fantastic shapes that blend to make the familiar flower.

More Colorful Reality

This flower, (above),  grows on the north side of the property, opposite from where the sunflower grows. The design grabbed my attention earlier in the day as the sun lit this flower that dazzled me with it’s bright colors. I don’t know what kind of flower it is.

Wednesday Music

I enjoy singing the old songs with ‘memorable melodies’ on Wednesday afternoons, here at the Treehouse. I can experience the joy of being a smooth crooner. It also warms up my voice for the Thursday Night Shasta Blues Society Jam where I use a more powerful rhythm and blues style of singing. I am so lucky that I am able to sing and play music.

Some of the seniors who were there to enjoy the music, were worried about how they will survive when the Government stops sending social security checks. I suggested that they stop watching the fear-mongering cable news and get the real story from other sources like the New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Show, The BBC, Al Jazeera, or . They need to know what is actually going on in the real world without the 24 hour a day histrionics from Fox and CNN that has them so upset.

Beauty In Hand

Along the driveway there is this one small rose bush who’s flowers are turned downward, facing the ground. They have such beautiful colors that I can’t resist turning them around to gaze upon their faces. This one felt as good in my hand as it looks. (No harm was done, the stem stayed attached, and is threaded through my fingers.)

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Really Big World

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