Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Found To Some Questions

I may have mentioned the service/program/site/collection of interesting stuff on the internet, called StumbleUpon, and how one can tailor the roaming to ones basic interests such as, in my case, science, nature, and photography.

There are essays, photo journals, research, and many other interesting sights to see, read, and contemplate.

I thought you might enjoy a couple of  interesting things that I have StumbledUpon.

The lengths that some photographers will go to get the perfect shot, or sequence of video are demonstrated in this behind the scenes video;

And I thought I was roughing it to get this close up of a bee in a hollyhock;

Or this shot of a native navigating the Sacramento river, where I was at the very edge of the boat ramp, nearly touching the water with my sandal.

More From The Lumix TZ3

I was up early enough today to get the angle of the sun from the eastern side of the flowers here at the Treehouse.

Early morning light provides different shadows, colors, and detail from the garden flowers that I usually shoot in the late afternoon and evening light.

I was up early to take some people to the convention center where the Shasta Senior Nutrition Center was distributing fresh produce and staples. While I was there, I was lucky enough to get this shot of geese and the moon;

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Ahoy There

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