Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finding The Ladybug

The Puzzle Picture

Yesterday, I wondered if you could find the ladybug. I didn’t notice it when I was taking the picture, nor did I notice the little bugs inside the flower until I was editing the pictures on the computer. So if you still cant see the ladybug, don’t worry, I have a clue in this next image.

The ladybug had the perfect coloring to blend in while hunting for food on this plant.

While I am on the subject of blending in, I watched the movie, ‘Rango’, last night. I liked it. Johnny Depp brought the lizard character to life with his vivid range of voices. The story, music, and graphics complimented each other to make this one of the best animated films I have ever seen.

I really enjoy photographing and scrutinizing the closeup images of flowers. I am discovering more flowers inside the flowers, like in the sunflower pictures above. These closer looks, combined with the new appreciation of the Fibanocci sequence, have really enhanced my comprehension and relationship with botanical lifeforms.

When I saw the picture of me for this blog, I realized that it was rather bland compared to the brilliant colors that the flowers brought to this page, so I played around a bit to make it a bit more interesting;

I just have to figure a way to get that page curl to come out of the frame. Some other time, perhaps.

Back to Reality

Or at least an image of what reality looked like to me when I snapped a picture of this pretty pink rose. No effects required.

I have such a large backlog of images that I have yet to show you that I have taken of the beautiful lifeforms that grace my immediate surroundings, that I decided to make a slide show of just the good ones taken from July 11 through July 24.

But how? Well I tried a different slide show setting and made a little movie. I apologize for not using my own music, I used some of the music that Apple provides for slide shows. However, there is some copyright stuff that keeps it off the video. Enjoy the pictures and hum whatever song comes to mind.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Video

Silence Is Golden

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