Saturday, July 23, 2011

Easier Than I Thought

And I Am Glad

Only 100° at the time of this picture. Hat tied down in the wind.

Yesterday I was compelled to write something to remind me that I am qualified to tackle many different things. I think the purpose was to prepare me to confidently proceed with replacing the Macbook hard drive. (Hard Drive Replacement Story)

It was also a means of diverting my attention from an encounter with a person who’s obsession with wanting to be like the ultra-rich, has made logic and reason run away from him in horrified shame. It was a test of tolerance to politely stand and listen to him as he extolled the Anti-American virtues of being rich enough to send money to off shore bank accounts.

Can you see the lady bug?

“The problem with our country is big government and taxes”, he states with the conviction of a true believer, forgetting that he would have nothing were it not for unions, government regulations, pension plans, fair wages, 40 hour work weeks, overtime, sick days, medical and dental coverage, paid vacations, and all the rest of the gifts he received, thanks to Americans who payed their taxes.

You can bet it’s not 100° on Mt. Shasta. Bring a jacket.

I told him it was nice to meet him, and though I disagreed with what he said, I found the discussion interesting. (Maybe he was just pretending to be stupid.)

I get a kick out of these things on the fence.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Heaven Is All Around Us

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