Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Break In Routine

Weather, Too

There was a change in the 100 degree weather in the past day or so. Right now, (9:00pm), I can enjoy having the windows open with cool 72 degree air drifting in.

New flowers continue to appear, no matter what the temperature happens to be.

The sunsets have been picturesque, and the skies were clear for the early morning Moon, Jupiter, and Venus show on the 16th. I got up and took pictures, but they’re not blog worthy.

Today’s breakfast picture is very blog worthy. I am real happy with the blueberry color. The organic strawberries from Linda’s garden tasted as good as they look.

The scraggly, driveway roses are still producing a few colorful subjects to welcome us as we leave or return to and from the Treehouse Apartments.

We had another nice Music Fest here on Monday afternoon. Peggy and I are making some nice music, and some of the residents have been singing along. I have been asked, more than once, “Why don’t we have copies of the words printed up for everyone?”

I assure them that once we learn how to play these songs, we plan to print up the lyrics for everybody’s favorites.

I am amazed at the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on political campaigns. It seems wasteful since all but 6 or 7% of the registered voters have already made up their minds.

I am not investing a whole lot of my time following the day to day hyperbole and drama that the news media is trying to generate. I figure I will see who is still in the race a couple of weeks before November, and what issues are to be decided, then examine the people and propositions that will be on the ballot.

Today’s Celestial Video;

T-RECS - Night Skies from T-RECS (Timelapse Recordings) on http://vimeo.com">Vimeo.

Cosmic View

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